Visualize your image and the treatment site simultaneously. 

Personalized Controls Including: Transparency,

Image overlay,

Preset preferences



Superior ergonomics and positioning. Lightweight, portable and easy to use.

System includes AR Goggles and a computer system that connects to nearly all ultrasound machines on the market. 


"I believe patients deserve the highest quality of care and least invasive treatment possible. McGinley AR allows me to simultaneously view ultrasound and the treatment area. I believe it improves the care I provide to my patients." 

For patients: Dr. McGinley uses McGinley AR in many of his procedures. He developed McGinley AR in his clinical practice in order to provide the best possible care. The technology is patent pending and was developed in collaboration with the University of Wyoming. 


For physicians: Interested in learning more about how to integrate McGinley AR into your practice? McGinley AR is registered with the FDA and available for purchase and clinical use. Contact us for more information. 

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