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Feel Good Again.

"The first innovative, wireless ultrasound device for at-home use that promotes natural healing.

A state-of-the-art clinically proven, prescription only, bioregenerative long-duration ultrasound treatment that increases circulation, stimulates soft tissue repair and reduces pain. Everyday."


"How does sam® work?

sam® is a wearable medical device that delivers continuous long duration ultrasound treatment at 1.3W of energy to stimulate biological soft tissue repair as deep as 5 cm below the skin's surface.

sam® provides mechanical stimulation of tissue to facilitate remodeling process everyday for a more rapid and robust healing response. sam® has the proven ability to increase local circulation, improve nutrient transfer and activate cellular signaling pathways to help your body heal faster and stronger after an injury."


"sam® is backed by over 50 scientific research studies. In research and in clinical practice, sam has been shown to be effective in accelerate soft tissue repair and healing as well as reducing pain related to the injury."


"The Treatment

Dosing for sam® treatment is recommended to be applied daily (1-4 hrs.) and may be prescribed for 6-8 weeks, depending on the injury.


sam® is used daily immediately following your procedure (surgical, regenerative medicine)


Dosing for sam® is used daily for 1 to 2 hours at the anatomical region requiring tissue repair and pain relief


Increase fluid and supplement use during sam® treatment to provide remodeling building blocks for healing


No corticosteroids for two to three weeks prior to treatment


Discontinue the use of NSAIDS one week prior to treatment


No anticoagulants"

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