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                     In 2005 and 2008 I had two fasciotomy surgeries in all

                     lower compartments of my legs for CECS. Both times, my

                     legs were at the point where I was not longer able to

                     walk and surgery was the best and only option for any relief. Two years after each surgery my symptoms of burning and swelling returned. Since 2008, I needed to make various lifestyle changes just to be able to get through normal daily activities. I wore tennis shoes and compression socks daily, and received massage therapy 2 times/month. In addition to massage I had graston technique used for my scar tissue to help improve circulation in my legs. In 2018, after needing to move out of our 2-story home because off my chronic leg pain, we started researching any new advancement for the treatment of CECS. During our research, we kept seeing Dr. Joseph McGinley’s name and his advancement in treatment for CECS.


In April 2018 we traveled from Chicago, IL to see Dr. McGinley for a consultation, tests, and I underwent my 1st treatment with his medical team for CECS and PAE. I was not only impressed with Dr. Joseph McGinley and his findings and treatment, but was kindly welcomed by his scheduling secretary, Julie Johnson. I also received excellent professional care and gained knowledge from his colleague, Shawn Ficken. One month after my 1st treatment I experienced positive results that I have not had in years. I was able to feel my feet and toes, had less burning in all my leg compartments, and with time I was able to return to daily activities without any pain, burning, and swelling! It has been over a year since my first treatment with Dr. McGinley, and I feel like I have truly been given back my life!


This past year has been full of miracles for my legs! To an outsider, these may seem like everyday things, but to someone who suffers from CECS & PAE these are miracles!

- Carrying a laundry basket or heavy item by myself!

- Putting on ice skates and skating with my family!

- Attending a ZUMBA class!

- Carrying my sleeping children to their bed!

- After wearing support hose for 19 years, I have not had to wear them since these treatments.

- Wearing a pair of cute shoes to a wedding instead of my usual tennis shoes!

- Climbing up a hill to go sledding with my family for the 1st time!

- Running and jumping on a trampoline,

- Climbing a ladder to help my husband.


These are just a few of the beautiful gifts I have been blessed with after my treatments from Dr. McGinley and his medical team. Dr. McGinley’s treatment has given my legs back the physical strength to not only function daily, but experience life again without pain! To this date I have received two treatments from McGinley and his team and I am preparing for a 3rd treatment this upcoming month. This journey that began decades ago has given me the perspective that everyday is a gift, and I am forever grateful to be physically experiencing life again. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. McGinley, his phenomenal team, and this treatment.

I have been given hope again and in sharing my experience, I pray that those who are suffering can find this hope as well.

- Molly G. - 2019

                     I heard about Dr. McGinley through a Facebook Ad. 


                     I was treated for Compartment Syndrome and it was

                     completely life changing.  I want people to know that this Botox treatment really works.  I have had my second treatment from Dr. McGinley and it has allowed me to keep playing the sport that I love.  At age 20 that means everything. 

All of his staff are truly lovely, caring people. 

- Kayla N. - 2019

                     Such a kind and professional team. I was put at ease

                    through the entire treatment and all of my questions were


I heard about this treatment, and Dr. McGinley, through my physician.  Everyone at Dr. McGinley's office was very kind and professional. I am very pleased with my results and am still doing great a year out. 

- Ronald A. - 2019

                     I heard about Dr. McGinley through my physician. I was

                     treated for PRP and it was an overall wonderful          

                     experience. I want others to know that, despite the cost,

                     the results are well worth it!  When Dr. McGinley says "80-90% effective" he is correct.

Everyone was so kind and my procedure went well. All of my questions were answered. I also enjoyed the call-backs post treatment just to make sure I was doing okay. 

- Deborah K. - 2019

                     My experience with Dr. McGinley for the treatment of

                     Lower Extremity Anterior Compartment Syndrome- in both

                     legs- was incredibly positive and successful! I was

                     initially diagnosed in late 2012; had a fasciotomy in both legs. It helped for about 9 months, but then the compartment syndrome came back in my left leg. The surgeon did another fasciotomy in my left leg; again I was okay for about 9 months, but by that time my right leg was painful again. The surgeon told me there was nothing more that could be done, that I should "give up" those activities that caused the pain and "learn to live with it". That was certainly not what I wanted to hear.  I had pain while power-walking and hiking but also walking around at my job during the day. I was terribly frustrated and no one seemed to have anything else to offer me in the way of treatment. Many nights I would be up late searching the internet, following link after link after link.

One night in December 2015, I discovered Dr. McGinley and his "new" treatment for compartment syndrome. I read everything I could find regarding Dr. McGinley and his treatment. I was on the phone Monday morning making an appointment in Wyoming for January 2016.












- Carol H. - 2019

                     After 3 years, I'm finally back to regular activities,

                     weekend hikes and have also started back in the gym.

                     I came to see Dr. McGinley in 2018. I traveled from San Francisco, CA to Casper, WY for my treatments. Prior to Dr. McGinley, I had received popliteal artery release and a fasciotomy in 2010.  My first treatment with Dr. McGinley was May of 2018, then July of 2018 and I received my final treatment in October of 2019.


I'm incredibly grateful to everyone on the team for your patience, kindness and genuine interest in helping me. With all of the doctors and surgeries I've gone through during this time, it meant a lot that your team stuck with me through the end and didn't give up. Thank you for all of your support--it really was a life saver, and I'm so appreciative.

I had a successful summit of Kilimanjaro over the holidays! As predicted, it was an amazing experience and I can't thank you enough for all your support and dedication in finding a solution for my leg. 

- Alexia S. - 2019

                     I am currently a senior at Green Mountain Valley School

                     in Waitsfield, Vermont. I began struggling with shin and

                    calf pain the winter of my sophomore year. That spring

                    was full of countless doctors appointments, each with a new misdiagnosis.  Finally, I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and underwent surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, when I finished the three month recovery and returned to my normal activities (varsity soccer, varsity lacrosse, and international level ski racing) I realized that my symptoms had not been relieved. So, the long process of visiting doctors who were not sure of how to alleviate my pain resumed.

The following year, my family and I discovered Dr. McGinley online and made an appointment. I was so excited that we had discovered one more chance to help my shin symptoms, but I was also terrified because so many doctors had been stumped on how to address my pain. When my appointment at Dr. McGinley’s office began, I was immediately impressed by the quality of care I was receiving. His method for diagnosing compartment syndrome and popliteal artery entrapment was much more deliberate and logical than the testing I have received in the past. In place of traditional compartment syndrome testing with needles and a pressure gauge, he utilized an MRI before and after I ran on a treadmill to produce symptoms, and a CT scan with a push plate to look at entrapment of my artery. When I met with Dr. McGinley following the diagnostic tests, he explained the results thoroughly and I could tell I had finally met someone who truly understood my symptoms and the cause of them. This provided me a huge relief. I went forward with the botox injections and was once again amazed by the careful methods Dr. McGinley used in checking the placement of the injections with the CT scan. Following the three week return to activity program, my shins returned to the way they felt before my injury-- a feeling that I had forgotten was possible after two years of visiting doctors to no avail.

Thanks to Dr. McGinley’s procedure, I was able to return to all my varsity sports at my high school, and will be able to continue my ski racing career at Brown University next year. I can’t thank Dr. McGinley, and his team, enough for their help in relieving my symptoms in three weeks! This seemed like a miracle after procedures that (were much more invasive and required a much longer recovery time) did nothing to reduce my pain.

- Maggie B. - 2019

Maggie- Testimonial.jpeg

                        Dr. McGinley treated me for Compartment

                        Syndrome. The treatment itself is very fast. 

                        An easy experience made possible by the staff.

                        I was put at ease and felt that I understood what the whole procedure would entail.  Dr. McGinley's staff did an amazing job of a comprehensive assessment beforehand and explaining what to expect after the treatment as well as what Compartment Syndrome is. 

I heard about Dr. McGinley's treatment through a Facebook group. I'm happy to have had such a great and welcoming experience.

- Cailey L. - 2019

                     Before I came to see Dr. McGinley I was in so much pain

                     and has to stop exercising completely as a result. I was

                     very skeptical about the Botox treatment but nothing else

                     had worked so I was willing to try it. The morning after my treatment I had already noticed quite a bit of pain relief. 

I am now able to run pain free and am currently training for a marathon. Dr. McGinley and his staff are amazing!

I want people to know that Dr. McGinley is worth flying to see. I had two failed surgeries before going to see Dr. McGinley. I wish I had tried this years ago. The treatment has increased my quality of life so much and I am so grateful. It is worth seeing if the treatment works for you. 

I learned about Dr. McGinley's treatment through some local advertising. I am forever grateful to him and his team for giving me my life back. Him and his team are amazing and so helpful. I just wish I would have gone to see him sooner. 

I highly recommend this treatment, at least once. There's no reason to be skeptical. You won't know it works until you try it. 

- Ashleigh P. - 2019

Ashleigh P_edited.jpg

                     I heard about Dr. McGinley through word of mouth and

                     it was life changing. I was a mystery case for several

                     years and Dr. McGinley diagnosed and treated me in the

                     same day. I want people to know that the treatment for compartment syndrome really works!

Thank you, to Dr. McGinley and his team, for everything.

- Matthew B. - 2019

                     I had an excellent experience with Dr. McGinley and his

                     team! I heard about his treatment through word of mouth

                     and by simply researching physicians doing Botox that would treat my Compartment Syndrome. 

This is a treatment option that works and is a better alternative to any surgical procedure. 

- Tammy F. - 2019

                     Our experience at The McGinley Clinic was amazing.

                     Junior Year of high school basketball our daughter

                     starting have leg/calf cramps in both legs. We just gave

                     her bananas, potassium, drink more water etc..... Made it through the junior year. By senior year, she could only sprint a couple times up the court and would have to stop. During free throws, she would stretch and bend over. If she could set for a minute or so, she would be fine until she started sprinting again with extreme burning in lower calves both legs. One game went into overtime and both legs locked up and she couldn't walk and had to be helped off the court. We went to local doctor, physical therapist, supplements, pain meds and nothing helped. Finally somebody told us about compartment syndrome. December 24th 2019 we went to orthopedic surgeon and had the very painful compartment testing with the needles/gauges. March 20th my daughter had fasciotomy on both legs. She went to rehab, therapy and did everything requested of dr. and therapist. July she was released to sprint and do basketball movements. She immediately starting hurting the exact location. We went back to surgeon and he said we can have another surgery but he didn't think it would work. We went back to physical therapist and nothing he could do. I researched and found a therapist with fascia release experience and did that for 6 weeks which was very painful and didn't help. While searching the internet, I found Dr. McGinley website. On a Wednesday afternoon I blindly called and reached Julie. Julie patiently answered every question which led to several more conversations. Within a couple weeks we scheduled treatment October 2, 2020. We flew into Caspar, Wy. Our family went for the mri, everything requested and the same afternoon met with Dr. McGinley and his staff. He explained in great detail where the problem was, explained what he was going to do, and then gave the botox shots. We flew back home and patiently waited our 14 days. In the past, my daughter could only run for 90 seconds straight. That day she ran 8 minutes with zero pain. Fast forward, my daughter went to college averaged 35minutes per game and has yet to have any leg pain. The staff contacts us regularly to check on my daughter. It has been nearly 9 months and still zero pain. Dr. McGinley stated in six months she will probably have to come back but we haven't yet. I can't speak for any other family but we were at the end of our rope but this treatment gave my daughter back her love and ability to play basketball at the collegiate level.

I would like for other patients to hear our story. I can't tell you about any other patients but my family is blessed to come across Dr. McGinley and his staff.

- Coby k. - 2021

                     In the Summer of 2019, after always exemplifying true

                     athleticism, I experienced extreme fatigue, nausea, and

                     swelling of one extremity after completion of a high

                     intensity strength workout. I continued my day expecting it was a pulled muscle and the discomfort would dissipate until I recognized continued swelling that ultimately spread to my contralateral limb. Upon admission to the hospital, I was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a life-threatening condition described as severe muscle damage, without kidney involvement. Treatment was IV fluids to lower the Creatine Kinase level in my blood. Normative value for CK level in the blood is approx. 22-198, mine was approximately 14,000. Although the hesitancy to workout continued, a few months later, I performed lat pull downs and shoulder presses at an intense load and approximately 24 hours later, familiar symptoms began which required a return to the hospital.


Three episodes later, I was desperate to find an answer which led me to 12 different medical professionals of various specialties who all had a differing of opinions even after the results of a venogram, genetic sequencing, and a compilation of several other tests. Several vascular surgeons were willing to attempt a 1st rib resection surgery for what was called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), while others believed I did not have TOS as there was no evidence of a blood clot. These doctors’ appointments spanned over a year and a half without a suggested course of treatment, until being connected with Dr. McGinley who changed my life and ability to exercise.  


Dr. McGinley and I discussed my chief complaint of heaviness and fatigue of bilateral upper extremities most significantly with my arms overhead when washing my hair or folding laundry and keeping my arms raised for several minutes. Dr. McGinley was extremely attentive, communicative, and suggested my family fly from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Casper, Wyoming as he felt he could be of assistance. He performed functional testing and was able to immediately come to a conclusion based on a stress MRI & CT scan of Bilateral Functional Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He allowed us to view the compression of the arteries & veins from my pec minor and anterior scalene musculature bilaterally. He then performed 4 Botox injections, 1 in each muscle on either side. Ever since this treatment, I have been fully capable of washing my hair and performing daily tasks overhead without limitations. Additionally, I have been able to complete strength workouts involving the upper extremity due to drastic improvement in the level of compression and ultimately no need for another Botox treatment.


This medical journey was not easy, but Dr. McGinley stepped in and provided a miracle. I am so thankful for being connected to such an outstanding, intelligent, caring, and thorough doctor. His staff was also extremely helpful and assisted in making this process run smoothly. My family & I feel truly blessed for such a positive outcome two years later. THANK YOU DR. MCGINLEY AND STAFF!!!

- Rachel K, PT, DPT. - 2022


                   I was jerked around by another place in town and

                   given really bad options. When I went to the

                   McGinley Clinic, I was acknowledged and given

                   amazing options! I am post surgery today and know

already that they have helped me! My pain was acknowledged. I was included in my surgical options. Dr McGinley originally had a different plan but looked at the ultrasound and proceeded differently with my input and Mindy’s! I felt heard! I knew I was involved in my care! The staff knew I was moving in two days and while the pain was intense originally, it is getting better as the evening wears on! I am actually writing this with the hand I had surgery on 6 hours later! I will update as time goes on but feel this clinic is outstanding!


This is an incredibly caring and competent staff!


Thank you all so much for your kindness from start to finish! 

- Faith S, 2023

                     On 11/9/21, I was able to watch my daughter                                  Christina play an entire basketball game without pain.

                     This was the first game in 6 years since I watched her on

                     the ground dragging herself off the basketball court with this incredible pain in her legs. As a parent it has been so painful to watch her play basketball in pain and see her minutes reduce per year because of the excruciating pain of CS. She has constantly pushed through the tears, the pain, the loss in confidence and her loss of her dreams of continuing to be the outstanding player she once was prior to CS. She has endured so much in regards to surgeries, hospital stays, revisions, wound vacs, spinal fusion, countless doctor visits, testing. Then we followed in a good friend’s path to you Dr. McGinley! Thank you for your pioneering procedure that has helped my daughter. I know it does not work for all,  but for those that it does work for, what it gives back to the patient, is amazing. I swallowed tears of happiness for my daughter to know she is back to herself thanks to you. I wish more doctors would learn from you and stop unsuccessful surgery for CS.
Our entire family is grateful to you Dr. McGinley and staff.

- Alicia - 2021


                        How was your experience?

                     Amazing! Everyone was super nice and I am now

                     finally able to walk and run

What would you like other patients to know?

I would like them to know that it really does work and to not be scared. This treatment single Handedly changed my life for the better. I’m only 16 and I thought my soccer and sports career was over. I am now able to do everything I have wanted to do and not be sto0ped by my legs

-Zoe L. - 2022

34995012-D5C4-4C6B-A138-F6ACB6FD96E5 (1).jpeg

                     How was your experience?

                     I was able to return to the game of

                       lacrosse and the recruiting process 4

                       months after the 1st round of injections for PAES and compartment syndrome. I was misdiagnosed with "shin splints" for 2 years. Returning to the field in the fall of 2016, I was recruited to play D1 lacrosse - myfirst tournament returning to play.

What would you like other patients to know?

 If you are told you have shin splints and / or have lower leg pain / tightness upon exertion and NOTHING helps, go see Dr. McGinley and his team. Do not have the surgery for compartment syndrome or the rare PAES until you've met with McGinley and his team.

-Peighton S. - 2023


                   I developed compartment syndrome in the fall of

                  2018, the beginning of my sophomore year in

                  college. Being a college basketball player, I was in                       constant pain and had no idea what was happening. My coaches and trainers were not helpful at all, and thought my pain was due to my diabetes. I was miserable, crying every day after practice and games because I was in so much pain, I couldn't feel my toes, and no one was helping me. I got diagnosed with compartment syndrome in March 2019, deciding to retire early since I knew the surgery may not be successful. I was devastated that my 15 year playing career was over because of my legs, and I could not even work out to help with the loss of playing my favorite sport, because I was in constant pain. It wasn't until late summer of 2019 when I heard of Dr. McGinley and his Botox procedure from a friend of a friend of a friend! I talked with the former patient and learned about her story and was excited to make an appointment with the clinic. I came in January of 2020 and got my first treatment done. I had no pain for a year, even though it was supposed to come back in 6 months!

I came back in 2023 for my second treatment and was taken care of with the same amount of care I got 3 years prior. Dr. McGinley said that I was already 70-80% better from the first time he saw me, which was a relief to hear. I am happy that I am no longer in constant pain and can be on my feet for more than 1 hour at a time. I could immediately feel a difference after 2 weeks from my second procedure.

I love the McGinley Clinic and recommend it to anyone I meet with compartment syndrome! I believe it is way more effective than the surgery and for those who want to still be active without pain. The staff here is so kind and welcoming, and Casper is such a pretty area. Thank you guys again for changing my life!

- Mireya S. 2023

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