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Elite Imaging Center

Standing CT Imaging

Patients at The McGinley Clinic can now step into the HiRise™ standing CT and get the most accurate diagnosis for their injury or pain. Elite Imaging Center, located in The M Building in downtown Casper, is among the first in the world to offer this state-of-the-art technology.

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Advantages Over

Conventional CT

  • Significantly lower radiation than conventional CT

  • Assess bone & joint injuries more accurately with weight bearing imaging

  • Simulates legs and hips with your weight on them rather than laying down

  • Quick exam time: less than 5 minutes

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Advantages Over


  • A true 3D representation of anatomy vs. a flat projection

  • Precise anatomical measurements

How Weight Bearing CT Works

  1. Step into the HiRise™ and staff will help position you correctly.

  2. Stand or sit still for a few moments while the scanner rotates around you.

  3. Your doctor now has 3-Dimensional data of your bones and joints.

  4. An analysis can now be made for a more accurate diagnosis.




Click here to learn more about Curvebeam's HiRise™Standing CT with 3D imaging

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